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Steneg & Partners aims to elevate the recruitment and personnel selection activity into a close and lasting solution, moving away from the transactional nature of traditional industry solutions.

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We want to build genuine and mutually beneficial connections among individuals in the professional sphere. Passion for technology in all its aspects and what it represents for society is the driving force behind this project. The human focus is inherent because only through people and their potential is it possible to drive growth and create new opportunities. This leads us to specialize in companies in growth or initial stages, primarily startups, which need a solution that extends their capabilities through people and maintains the passion and commitment to their ideas.

People Focus

Our feedback culture is rooted in the continuous improvement of actions. Thanks to this tool, we can focus on a more empathetic and closer approach that allows us to adapt to each individual involved in the process. The use of feedback in all its phases is crucial for cultivating long-term trust-based relationships, rather than relying on sporadic interactions. This approach not only enhances mutual understanding and respect but also fosters an environment where continuous learning and development are prioritized, creating a strong foundation for lasting partnerships and collaboration.

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We offer support to startups and growing technology companies in finding the right talent, going beyond skills, culture, and values. We do it in a different way than the traditional format; we get involved to become part of these startups and provide them with advantages in building their employer brand. We also contribute to their positioning on professional networks and within their business ecosystem, as well as in the geographical area where they operate.


Steneg doesn't aim to be a partner; it wants to be an integral part of the company, experiencing the challenges firsthand. Only then will the success of the companies, but above all, the people who make them up, become ours as well.

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Commitment: We are not just recruiters; we are travel companions on the journey to your company's success.
Inclusion: We delve deep into our clients' culture, looking beyond simple skill lists to find the perfect fit.
Integrity: Your trust is our most valuable asset, and we protect it with honesty, transparency, and ethics at every step.
Continuous Innovation: Our technology-focused approach drives us to always be at the forefront, adopting the latest trends and techniques.
Goal Orientation: Our passion is to see tangible results, measuring our success based on yours.